Hotel design consultant

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18 February, 2016
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Hotel design consultant

Tourism industry is booming, leading to the strong development of hotel services. All investors invest in building hotels for business. However, not everyone is a professional to understand this problem. So how to design a hotel that is reasonable and takes full advantage of its performance. KLNA will give reasons to see the importance of hotel design consultant.

Hotel design consultant

1. Importance of hotel construction design consultant

Should hire consultants design or not is the question always is in place before the construction of the hotel. So the importance of this job like? Should or should not perform?

An efficient hotel is a hotel that is arranged and arranged in service areas optimally. Thereby saving area and optimize costs as well as revenue. That effect depends greatly on the layout and arrangement from the beginning in the design stage. The professional companies also help the hotel minimize operating costs: human resources, electricity, water, decoration, appliances …

2. Functions and duties of the hotel construction design consultancy unit

KLNA operates professionally in the field of design consultancy. We perform many stages to arrange and arrange hotel functions as follows:

Support and coordinate with project design

– With years of practical experience in hotel design consultancy industry, KLNA will contribute ideas to the project design unit. Based on the professional perspective to give opinions on specific architectural and spatial planning and landscape plans.

– Recommendation side project design alternatives to optimize performance, save space. Doing this brings efficiency in the operation at the request of investors.

Support and coordination with interior design

– Recommend the best furniture options. Since then ensure aesthetics, consistent service style, worthy of the scale of the project. But still ensure the performance, efficiency, use time.

– Consultants detailed list of equipment in service functional areas, ensure adequate and uniform.

Support and coordinate in construction phase

Participate fully in the construction phase and acceptance of each work item. Promptly make corrective recommendations if necessary.

With the above information, we hope customers will find the most practical answer. KLNA has a team of experts with more than 15 years of experience in hotel operations. We are committed to providing the most appropriate construction design consultancy to customers.

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