About Us

Company name: Công ty TNHH MTV KLNA


Abbreviated name: KLNA CO.,LTD

Headquarters: Số 17 An Cư 2, P. An Hải Bắc, Q. Sơn Trà, TP Đà Nẵng, Đà Nẵng

Website: https://klna-danang.com/


The company was founded in 2016. The company was founded by the passion and enthusiasm of Mr Klaus and the expert team. Those with many years of experience working at large domestic and international hotel systems.

Mr Klaus and his associates have over 15 years in the hospitality industry. This is the time to experience and accumulate precious realities. From here we understand in depth the flexible movement in hotel management and operation. KLNA will apply the process according to international standards to bring success in business.



Vietnam is gradually asserting its potential as well as its tourism position. Our country has become a tourist attraction attracting customers from many countries around the world. Tourism advantages of our country are manifested in many aspects: the world’s top scenic spots, culture rich in national identity. Besides that, Vietnamese people are considerate and hospitable, making the quality of service increasingly high.

The boom in tourism makes many big hotel brands decide to invest in Vietnam. From here, aroused fierce competition between domestic and foreign projects. The ability to create, operate and operate a hotel effectively will be the key to success.

Catching the breakthrough development in the hotel business today, KLNA Company Limited was born with the motto of MANAGEMENT – DISTRIBUTION – CONSULTING with the ambition to establish operating systems and services for hotels and houses. PRESTIGE – PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS – THE BEST IN VIETNAM.

KLNA is committed to the goal of success for hotel tourism projects that bring about revenue effectiveness on the basis of continuous development on the basis of human resource development and community responsibility. We wish to enhance our position and affirm our own position with Vietnamese ingenuity, kindness, thoughtfulness in harmony with international standards in service activities.


All KLNA projects implemented bring true traditional values and at the same time contain high stability and stability. We are constantly improving and improving the quality of our services as the conquering spirit of development and success is the key to conquering customers.

Services provided

KLNA has the strength of a team of international experienced hotel managers with creativity and professionalism who are sensitive to market fluctuations. This is the advantage that makes us always confident in bringing the highest benefits to investors.

KLNA Company Limited operates professionally in the field of:

  • Researching, analyzing markets and evaluating hotel and restaurant construction investment;
  • Consulting, designing hotel and restaurant construction;
  • Hotel and restaurant setup;
  • Recruitment, management and personnel training;
  • Management and operation of hotels and restaurants;

During 4 years of working and developing, KLNA has been constantly growing and developing. The achievements of KLNA are confirmed by the prestigious projects implemented: A La Carte Hotel, Da Nang, Vietnam; Movenpick Resort Lang Co, Vietnam; Risimoint Apartment and Movenpick Hotel, Da Nang, Vietnam …

Currently, KLNA has gradually expanded its scope of activities at all potential tourist destinations in the country. We aim to become the leading hotel management and operation company in Vietnam.

Managing views

KLNA and staff

For KLNA Company Limited employee who is placed on the highest interests. We identify new employees as the key to the success of the company. Employees attached to the company will work hard for customer satisfaction. At KLNA, the value received by employees is not only salary and bonus in cash. We want our employees trained with a strict international standard workflow.

KLNA and investors

We provide bold plans and solutions. The goal is to be effective by real profits from professional work processes. KNLA does not help you develop your brand at all costs but based on the value brought to the community. We are committed to accompany the investor in every time even in the most difficult period.


There is no denying that hotel business is a highly profitable sector. In addition, this is an industry that creates jobs for many workers. Investors in Vietnam can afford to build hotels according to international standards. However, the process of operating many units chooses to hire a professional company. This method works best. This counts as a wise choice for businesses.

With the commitment of true value and satisfaction KLNA One Member Limited Company gives customers is the most effective measure. We are pleased to do business with you. Contact us today to experience the service and cooperation of project development confirms the level to a new level.