KLNA and information security policies

All customers have the right to information security. In the hospitality industry, this is even more important. KLNA ensures this principle in 2 issues:

– KLNA confidential customer information to work together.

– KLNA provides and optimizes information security services in the hotel business.

1. Confidentiality of customer cooperation work information

Any business partner highly values information security. Any disclosure of business information is a lucrative bait for competitors. Understanding that, KLNA always adheres to the principle of confidentiality of information that customers work with. This clause is included in the contract to increase the credibility of the policy by the law.

All information provided by customers during the cooperation process on business status, partner information, employees, strategies, and products … are entirely confidential. Before the agreement of our KLNA partners, there are no shortcomings that cause customer information to leak out from us.

People are considered the weakest link in the security chain of businesses. Therefore, all employees of KLNA are continually raising awareness and complying with the security rules set by the company. Knowledge of information security at KLNA smoothly from people to processes and technologies.

2. Information security in the hotel business

The role of providing information when dealing

Customers are usually required to provide personal information such as full name, identity card number, tax code, contact phone number … The customer must voluntarily inform the collection of this information. The hotel conducts this information to provide the best service:

– Confirm the booking request through the information channels provided (messages, emails …)

– Answering questions, recording comments about the service.

– Inform customers of the latest services and offers.

– Customer care, after-sales

Right to information confidentiality

Any customers who make transactions with the hotel have the right to information security. This benefit is prescribed and protected by law. The issue of hotel information security is significant: working skills records, price lists, customer policies … This information, if left open to competitors, will affect. to run your business

Many hotels are still confused about the process of information security. KLNA will provide services to support the hotel information protection process in the most optimal way. We provide customer safety to the hotel ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and statutory obligations.

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