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9 October, 2019
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22 March, 2020


Dear Investors, Partners and Customers

First KLNA – The hotel management company would like to send to investors, partners and customers the respectful greetings, best wishes for health, success and prosperity.

The hospitality industry is a booming industry in the world. Along with that trend in recent years, Vietnam’s tourism has also continuously developed. The number of tourists coming to our country is constantly increasing. New destinations are constantly being discovered and developed. Following that trend, the demand for accommodation and relaxation is constantly increasing.

Realizing the potential of many investors, they have shifted their investment into the hotel market. There are investments that bring about great success. But many investors have to give up. With many years of experience in the hotel industry, we clearly recognize the cause of this failure. We must honestly say that this is most likely due to inaccurate operating and setup procedures.

There have been many collaborative meetings between KLNA with investors, partners and customers. We see great interest in an international standard process. The majority of investors are horizontal or lack knowledge about the hotel industry. Resulting in false or costly investment or inefficient business. To solve this problem we need a professional hotel management company.

With the desire to accompany with the success of businesses, our group is committed to a partnership that brings optimal profits. Besides, there is a stable, sustainable and long-term development in the market. At the same time, building a quality and prestigious hotel brand.

Cooperating with KLNA – a professional hotel management company to receive numerous advantages:

  • Review designs to save usable area, optimize performance. Thereby facilitating staff work and maintenance process later.
  • Saving investment costs but still ensuring efficient use.
  • Training international quality human resources

Please contact KNLA – a professional hotel management company to make hotel investment in the right direction, to manage and operate the hotel effectively.

Sincerely thank you




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