Market research is needed before hotel investment

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18 February, 2016

Market research is needed before hotel investment

Along with the development of society, the tourism industry has developed strongly. Market research shows that demand for the hospitality industry is also constantly moving. There are many individuals, companies, businesses and corporations investing heavily in this market.

We can not deny the effectiveness of business hospitality industry. Besides, it also offers a great value that is other real estate values. But the market also witnessed many property investors failed. So where is the answer?

Why must market research

– One of the activities that contribute to the success of hotel investment projects are research and market analysis. Doing this important role in all business activities. This is a tool to learn from that conquest customers through information processing.

– Research and market analysis to seek opportunities and to fully exploit business opportunities. Since then fully exploit and effectively the potential of the business.

– Quá trình thực hiện càng cẩn trọng lại càng làm giảm tối đa rủi ro trong hoạt động kinh doanh. Căn cứ vào dự đoán biến động thị trường để đề ra giải pháp ứng phó kịp thời.

– The process should complete the activities of the research to collect necessary information for an effective marketing strategy, close to reality.

These issues need to be considered when research, market analysis

Hospitality service business istrades with specific characteristics. When researching and analyzing markets, attention should be paid to the following issues:

  • Expected target audience from which to analyze relevant data: Select the location of investment, Total information related to the hotel business in the area of investment, expected number of guests, Predicting customer needs time to rise, expected customer traffic in …
  • From the above figures show the scale and design suitable to the number and taste in the area.
  • Competitor analysis.
  • Provide appropriate business and marketing strategies.

Market research and analysis requires investment of time, experience and expertise. Having such analytics and new options accurately create efficiency.

KLNA and the benefits brought to investors before building the hotel.

Market research and analysis is extremely important and requires extensive experience and expertise. Therefore, when investors do not have a specialized team, they should choose another unit to provide this service.

KLNA with years of experience working in domestic and international hotel systems will help you perform market research most effectively. Choose us for investors to shorten their time, but achieve the best results. KLNA is committed to bringing the most useful research and evaluation to customers.

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