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22 March, 2020
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Process collaboration with KLNA

Currently, there are many companies providing hotel management and operation services. However, KLNA is willing to publicize the process of cooperation with partners. At the same time, adjust the process flexibly to best suit the operation to save costs for the investor.

1. Advice on adjusting function

KLNA provides consultancy on adjusting functions including internal and external functions. Adjust in all 3 cases: before construction, adjusting the existing or supplementing the new concept of the hotel.

Implementation process is carried out in detail:

– Technical meeting to agree on experts on advisory content.

– Adjust the function.

– Direct meeting with Party A and the design unit to agree on adjustments to finalize the drawing.

– Sending consultants to participate in supervision at the construction site.

– Direct discussion with Party A to agree on cases that arise.

2. Human resource consulting, recruitment and training

Human resources is one of the important factors that make the success of the hotel business. Human resources should be organized in a proper way from the beginning to form a professional process.

KLNA will provide maximum support in this area with the following specific steps:

– Develop human resources and salary brackets for each department to meet the needs, standards and development of the hotel.

– Develop a healthy human resource policy, comply with the law with full content: attracting, recruiting, training, using and developing human resources for Party A.

– Review the current personnel situation to evaluate the situation of training, employment and human resource development for the hotel.

– Party A can completely change, adjust and increase the number and personnel policies after Party B hands over.

3. Consult to develop working standard process and form system

KLNA organizes the development of VTOS standard procedures and form system for professional departments.

Specialized professional sections

– Receptionist cum reservation

– Restaurant

– Housekeeping

– Hotel security

All these documents are agreed and controlled on the content from Party A before handing over and putting into use.

4. Consulting brand and building brand identity

Branding is the greatest value for every business to create trust with customers. That’s why, at the same time, with brand development, businesses have built a brand identity to be protected before the law.

KLNA implements the process of building a brand identity including the following steps:

– Analyzing brand effect in the field of vacation and experience tourism

– Brand positioning, cataloging the brand identity.

– Consulting criteria and perfecting the brand identity.

5. Building strategies, business plans and marketing

This is an important factor for the existence and development of every business. KLNA’s strategy, business and marketing plan service includes the following steps:

– Determining market segments and target markets.

– Identify existing unique selling points as well as create more unique points of the hotel to the market.

– Survey from expected competitor to determine SWOT.

– Consult the development of pricing and contract policies for target markets.

– Consulting on building and implementing business strategies, marketing and sales.

The process of working with partners at KLNA is discussed, consulted and carefully agreed with customers. We always aim to the highest efficiency in cooperation with our commitment to accompany the success of the investor.

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