3 March, 2020


Dear Investors, Partners and Customers First KLNA – The hotel management company would like to send to investors, partners and customers the respectful greetings, best wishes […]
22 March, 2020

5 star hotel bedroom design

Overview: In today’s interior design stages, in addition to the living room, the bedroom is one of the extremely important spaces that directly affect the health […]
22 March, 2020

Factors affecting hotel revenue

The revenue or total value of the economic benefits of a hotel, mostly arising from the business activities and customer service process. And to achieve high […]
30 April, 2020

Process collaboration with KLNA

Currently, there are many companies providing hotel management and operation services. However, KLNA is willing to publicize the process of cooperation with partners. At the same […]
30 April, 2020

The essential standard of a 5-star hotel

An essential standard of a 5-star hotel? The design of a 5-star hotel requires many different stages with strict criteria for architecture, interior, performance, … there […]