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18 February, 2016
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18 February, 2016

Setup Hotel

Currently, the tourism hotel industry is growing day by day, creating greater competition. To achieve business advantage, most units choose to set up the hotel from the beginning. So how will the benefits and implementation process KLNA share in the article below.

Benefits of Setup Hotel

The hotel attracts guests, works well based on 2 factors: facilities and service quality. Lack of any factors can significantly affect business results.

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The quality of service depends on whether the hotel setup is standard or not. Setup is the layout, arrangement procedure done all the work according to a plan and criteria. This is based on the results of research and market analysis. Therefore, service quality, service methods, and customer search are clearly codified and assigned specific tasks.

Besides, serving staff are recruited and trained to ensure industry standards. This is one of the main human resources and creates brand value for the property. And this is also an important criterion to be approved by star rating.

Professional Setup creates business advantage

It has a lot of experience, and the results of comparative effectiveness between the initialization hotels emotional and professional shows huge differences. Professional setup creates a business advantage for the hotel right after being put into operation:

  • Providing quality services to customers effectively based on scientific planning and analysis.
  • How services operate in a professional manner, all the smooth operation and thereby optimize cost savings throughout the system.
  • Processes, standards, and regulations in accordance with international standards to ensure a modern update.

The work items to be done when creating the hotel

When making a hotel setup should perform the following categories:

  • Market research: survey, gather information, analyze, evaluate and draw conclusions.
  • The building, defining and developing brands.
  • Develop a marketing strategy.
  • Develop strategies, plan, short-term and long-term business plans.
  • Choose a business partner.
  • Building and operating processes, regulations, regulations and instructions for all activities.
  • Recruitment and training of personnel.
  • Organize, operate, operate hotel activities.

Hotel setup right from its inception brings undeniable benefits. However, the investor needs to equip with basic knowledge about the hotel industry to choose the right and productive investment. In case the investor is still lack of knowledge, it is advisable to go to reputable quality setup units for business cooperation.

KLNA Company Limited is a unit operating professionally in this field. We are proud of a team of experts with many years of experience working in the hotel system at home and abroad. KLNA is committed to professional work processes that bring high efficiency to customers.

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